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Archived News: 2004

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2004-12-07 posted by Nyerguds
My goodness, it's been months since I last updated. I should really work on the mod a bit more...

Anyway... yesterday, my dream finally came true... after all these years, I finally played C&C online, and even with the the Star Wars mod :D
It was a short game, since Myg didn't have much time, but I love is anyway :)

For those that don't know Myg... he's the wonderful guy that gave the C&C community the ability to play LAN C&C again, and to play C&C online without WCHAT.

2004-07-15 posted by Nyerguds
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

The Death Star.

I finally made a good animation for the Death Star weapon, to replace the original C&C1 Ion Cannon:

Please note though that the in-game animation goes a lot faster than what you see here.

Head to the screenshots page to see this superweapon in action.

2004-07-14 posted by Nyerguds
I've written a new article, this time it's about running DOS C&C on XP. I started writing this more than a month ago, but I hadn't been able to finish it until now.
The actual method to run DOS C&C on XP has been on the C&C2SW forum for a month now, but I really wanted to finish the complete article.

You can read it here.

2004-06-29 posted by Nyerguds
The radar logos and animations are done. Unfortunately, no one at Westwood seemed to have expected computers running at the speeds we have nowadays, and didn't implement any kind of delay in the radar animation.
So this means I spent a few hours making this nice animation, and in the game you barely see a glimpse of it. Gone in a split second :(

I'll probably put the animation on the screenshots page later, but for now you can check out the new screenshots themselves I put there. Or you can just download the mod and see for yourself, or course :)

2004-06-13 posted by Nyerguds
OK, forget what I said about not updating yet... the new version is uploaded :)

I didn't have time to re-convert the sounds to improve their quality, but I'll do that after my exams are done.

2004-06-12 posted by Nyerguds
I changed the radar building after getting some complaints that it looked exactly the same as the Starcraft Psi Disruptor I based it on. The new version looks better IMO, since it has more team color, and no longer has the three storage tanks at the side. It also gave me the opportunity to fix some other small errors in the graphics.

I won't remake the animated GIF for the new build-up animation, but here's what the new Command Center looks like now:

The update is not yet online though. I'm in the middle of my finals now, and I'm going to wait until they are done before putting any more time into the mod.

2004-04-10 posted by Nyerguds
The Command Center (replacing the Communications Center) is finished!

Wow. I almost forgot how much fun it is to make build-up animations :)

2004-03-28 posted by Nyerguds
I'm working on a new building! I only got the basic frame ready, and the build-up animation and damaged frames wil probably take a while to make, but anyway, here it is:

The new radar :)

In other news, I'm going to reconvert all sounds from the mod using the XCC mixer's WinAmp AUD writer plugin. I noticed it gives much better quality than my old ones, so right now I'm looking all over my old hard disks to find those old WAV files.
I also got some cool Star Wars laser sounds from PuMa², so I'll probably add those too.

2004-03-24 posted by Nyerguds
Wow. I finally found what caused the install program not to work on XP... Really stupid. Apparently, WinXP uses the & character as a special function. This caused the program to stop running when the filename C&C95.EXE was mentioned in it :(
Luckily, that was easy to fix. I just had to put quotes around the filename.

Since the normal installer works on XP now, I removed the XP pre-install pack from the download page. So just unzip and run 'starwars.bat' to install, and tell me if something still doesn't work. It worked flawlessly on my XP though, so I don't expect any problems.

2004-01-23 posted by Nyerguds
Yeah, yeah, I know... I haven't updated in a while... I've been doing quite some stuff for RA2SW and another RA mod called Chemical Dawn.
Right now, my exams are starting, and I won't have any time to work on the mod.

But I also don't have much inspiration now... I need more buildings to replace, and can't find any new GFX or come up with new ideas.
Any help in the ideas/gfx department would be greatly appreciated. If you have some kind of crazy idea for a new unit/building of which you're 99% sure I'd never put it in the mod... post it on the forum anyway. I'm desperate :p