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The Team

Well, to be honest, there isn't much of a team... I pretty much made this mod all by myself.

There are a number of people that helped me a lot though, in a lot of different ways.
These are the people I want to thank for helping me create this mod:

-The person who started the mod. Unfortunately, I don't know who that is. (See also: About the mod)
-Suricata, the only actual second team member the mod has ever had. He made the rendered frames for several of the mod's units, like the AT-AT, Airspeeder, Transport Vessel, TIE Crawler and TIE Fighter. About half of those were made for the now-discontinued RA2SW project though.
-Jk, for converting the RA1 Snow theater. I would never have made the Battle of Hoth mission if he hadn't done that. This snow theater has since been added into the C&C95 v1.06 patch.
-Apollo (back then known as Tau'ri), for sending me the C&C Gold title screen so I could make a C&C Gold title screen for the mod before I had the game.
-Arc, for being the first to let me host this mod on his website, The Obelisk. Sadly, this site was shut down together with all sites hosted on Planet C&C.
-Travis, for being the first to give me the opportunity to make my very own mods page (on his old site, "The C&C Filezone"), which would eventually lead to the creation of this website.
-Zoop, for giving me the graphics I needed to replace the Apache and the Chinook.
-The Dark Lord, for his support and the many C&C1 modding discussions we've had on the forum of his great website (C&C Millennium)
-virtualoctopus, for providing me with screenshots of the Dune 2000 Starport so I could make my Spaceport, before I had Dune 2000.