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Articles written by me:

Playing DOS C&C on WinXP
The full explanation of how to play DOS C&C on Windows XP, and how I found out about it. The method itself has been on the forum for a while now, but I decided to actually finish the article that's been on my hard disk for about a month now.
For help on playing C&C Gold on WinXP/Win2000, you can go here.

A C&C Meets Star Wars Extra: the Akira - C&C comparison page
I've worked for months on this project. It's a comparison of the influences the anime Akira had on the developement of Command & Conquer.

Articles about the mod:

Interview with Nyerguds
Nick Thibault interviewed me for Planet C&C, asking more specific information about the history and future of the Star Wars mod.

Preview of C&C Meets Star Wars
Dan "Heron" Myers played the C&C2SW mod and wrote this article about it for Planet C&C.

C&C Inside Interview with Nyerguds
Goblin2k3 interviewed me for the German C&C fansite C&C Inside. You can read the English version of this interview here.

Websites/projects in which I am involved:

Command & Conquer Gold Patch 1.06 Project
Patch 1.06c

My other big project, upgrading C&C95 to fix bugs and add more possibilities in mission making and modding.

Project Perfect Mod

The great website that is now hosting the C&C Meets Star Wars mod.

Command & Conquer Communications Center

Website focusing on the classics.


An amazing project that allows you to play the classic games online through the game's LAN function. This started as a C&C1 project, to get rid of the many limitations of Westwood Chat, and has now been expanded to work with Red Alert and Tiberian Sun too.

Planet C&C
Planet C&C

The place where I used to be hosted, before GameSpy shut down all of its free hosting services.

Other C&C related websites:

The Red Alert Archive
Red Alert Archive

This is one of the most complete RA1 websites ever. Exactly as they say, "the largest Red Alert site on the net".