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C&C meets Star Wars is a mod that changes a lot of units, buildings and sounds in Command & Conquer to things from the Star Wars movies.
It is compatible with all DOS versions and the Win95 version of C&C.

I based this on something I found on the Internet. Unfortunately, it was anonymous, so I can't give the person who started this the credit he/she deserves. The original package only contained the Shield Generator and Advanced Shield Generator, the Millennium Falcon, the Sandcrawler and the Speeder Bike.
I am now trying to complete the mod and turn it into a real Total Conversion.
I know C&C is a pretty old game, but since there never were any real mods for it before (except for Andrew Griffin's excellent Flame Dancers mod-campaign) I think it's time to show the C&C community that this game can be modded too.

C&C Meets Star Wars only modifies the graphics and sounds of the game.
The mod also replaces the entire Winter theater by the Snow theater from Red Alert 1.
It doesn't change the game balance in any way though. Nothing is changed in GAME.DAT (for DOS C&C) or C&C95.EXE (for C&C Gold), which means you can still play multiplayer games with people that don't have the mod installed.

This has always been my philosophy behind the mod; there aren't many people playing the game, so the last thing I want to do is make a mod that will prevent multiplayer games.

I hope you enjoy playing this mod as much as I enjoy making it :)
If you like this you can check out my smaller mods on the C&C Filezone (see Links page).

- Nyerguds