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2003-12-25 posted by Nyerguds
A late, but still merry christmas for all ye out there! :)

As they say in the Clan of the Cats webcomic...

Merry Christmas, Yuletide, Chanaka, Ramadan, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, and a Ho Ho Ho.
And for the atheists, have a nice day

2003-12-14 posted by Nyerguds
All right! As I said about a week ago... today is my 20th birthday. And a birthday deserves to be celebrated, so I bring you...

An update! (yes, a real one :p)

I added a new buiding to the mod.. the Launch platform, replacing the Helicopter pad. Check it out in the Screenshots section, and in the Mod Info section.
I also improved the quality of the EVA replacement sounds and re-arranged the internal structure of the mod a bit. I put the Star Wars Cantina theme (score screen theme) in the mod itself instead of the music addon. This means the mod is about 3 MB now, but that's still not really big IMO.

2003-12-07 posted by Nyerguds
Today, I proudly announce the first anniversary of this website. Exactly one year ago I started this website on Freewebs. :)

Yesterday, to my big surprise, I found Dune 2000 in the supermarket. I had seen some friends play the game, back when it was released in 1998, but it is one of the few Westwood games I didn't have. So naturally, I bought it immediately. I was actually looking for it in the store, but didn't have much hope in finding it.
I also found Red Alert 1 there. While I already have RA1, my Allies CD is scrached a bit, and it happens to be damaged exactly in the movie where they mention the creation of the GDI... so I just HAD to buy that again.

I had no idea EA was selling the Westwood classics again... and although it's kind of weird to have an EA logo on my RA1 CD's, I think it's great that they do sell them again. I hope I'll find the RA1 expansion packs and TS: Firestorm too.

2003-12-06 posted by Nyerguds
Finally... I'm working on C&C2SW again!
Well, not much but I'm busy reconverting most of the sounds, so they have better quality in the game :)

I'll keep you updated ;)

Oh, and something else... I just realized that tomorrow, this website will be exactly one year old :)
And a week after that, I'll be 20 years old 8)

2003-10-28 posted by Nyerguds
Well... I've been very busy on the RA2SW project lately, and haven't done much on C&C2SW. But remember, the two projects are always linked a bit, so new graphics I make for RA2SW could end up in this mod too ;)

And now for something completely different.

I am proud to announce the completion of a project that cost me months to finish... a closer look at the surprising similarities between the game Command and Conquer, and the anime movie Akira. The people that designed the Recon bike and came up with the idea of the Ion Cannon had obviously seen the movie.
This page gives a complete comparison of these similarities.

Now, if any of you know about more Akira elements in C&C I stupidly overlooked... please e-mail me :)

2003-09-14 posted by Nyerguds
I updated the SW music addon. The music now includes the amazing Across The Stars from Episode 2.
I also fixed the name of the theme Duel of the Fates, which I had stupidly called Battle of the Fates :|

There's also a small update on the SS mod; I fixed the icons so there's no green stuff in them anymore. This problem was caused by the fact that the default team color in Sole Survivor is green instead of yellow. Since these team colors are used as normal yellow in the icons these yellow colors turned green in SS.
And while I was doing that anyway I immediately included fixed icons for the other SS units too.

2003-09-10 posted by Nyerguds
I made a news archive :)

You'll notice the [View Archived News] link just above the news. Well, in there, there's a list of months to view the old news.
The main reason I did this is to make the news page faster to load; I don't want to end up with a megabyte of text for the newspage.

2003-09-09 posted by Nyerguds
Believe it or not, I made a Sole Survivor version of C&C Meets Star Wars. I fully realize this HAS to be the weirdest, and perhaps most stupid thing I've ever done... but I love it :)

Furthermore, I don't think anyone ever modded SS, which makes this another nice addition to my "C&C CV" ;)

I also got a close encounter of the String Files kind, since for some reason my good old CCNAMES.EXE couldn't read the SS conquer.eng. So in order to change the in-game names of the replaced units I had to find a way to generate a new table with nothing but a few DOS tools.
Took me all day, but at least I know how to do it now.

Anyway... if you still got SS lying around somewhere, you might want to try it out. It's on the Download page.

In other news, there's a small update of the normal SW mod too. The new version only modifies the green laser replacing the missile, so I don't know if it's really worth downloading, but I don't think there will be much updates coming in the near future. And the laser really does look better now.

2003-07-27 posted by Nyerguds
All right. The music addon is finished, and I even added a modified CCLOCAL.MIX to the downloads, for those brave people that run C&C95 on Windows XP.
If there are any problems, please post them on the forum.

2003-07-25 posted by Nyerguds
I started working on a music addon pack for the mod. This pack is currently 33 MB, and contains a variety of Star wars music from all movies (Including Episodes 1 & 2... I just couldn't drop the magnificent Duel of the Fates)
I also added the Mos eisly Cantina band music to replace Great Shot!, the score screen music. I might add that to the mod itself instead of the music addon.
Right now I'm still sorting them out and finding some more music so I can replace all themes (I'll leave out the Covert Ops' themes though). I'm also working on a program to change the names of all themes in the game.

I'll keep you updated ;)

2003-07-22 posted by Nyerguds
I finally created a new mod pack that will allow WinXP users to play the mod.
Apparently, Windows XP can't handle DOS batch script, and since the install program is a batch file, you simply can't install the mod in Windows XP. This new mod pack has all the files that are normally unpacked with the installation, and it includes an adapted CCLOCAL.MIX to replace the names of the units, structures and superweapons in the game.
So to install it, all you have to do is rename your CCLOCAL.MIX to a different name, and unzip STARW_XP.ZIP in your C&C95 directory.

Note: if you have C&C Gold, but don't have XP, it is not advised to use the pre-install pack; the normal pack comes with a number of extra's, like a tool to put the Imperial March music in the game. But all of these extra's are batch scripts so they won't work in WinXP anyway.

2003-07-02 posted by Nyerguds
I made some minor fixes to the sidebar... it shoud've looked like the main page, but on some browsers there was way too much space between the buttons :(
That's fixed now.

In other news... I finally got a forum again! Thanks to PuMa² for making it.

2003-07-01 posted by Nyerguds
Wow... now that the summer holidays started the mod is growing with the day :)
I just added the Snowspeeder to the mod. This one is a endered unit made by Suricata. I was planning to add this sooner, but I had to resize it to replace the Light Tank with it (it was originally meant for the Medium Tank in RA:SW Edition). But the first time I tried to resize it it was too small to recognise the Snowspeeder.
Anyway.. I resized it again from the original, and it looks a lot better now.

The new version is uploaded ;)


I just made an archive page for the screenshots. The normal screenshots page will only show the four latest screenshots.
I also added a short description for each screenshot - hold your mouse cursor over the thumbnail to read it.

2003-06-30 posted by Nyerguds
It's done! I added the Spaceport to the Rebel Structures info page, and uploaded the updated version of the mod.

Note: Always uninstall the old version of the mod before installing a new one. I completely changed the way the install program works, so there could be problems if you don't uninstall the old version first.

2003-06-29 posted by Nyerguds
All right! we're back in action! 8)
I just started working on the Spaceport, to replace the Nod Airfield. The structure is based on the Dune 2000 Starport. Many thanks to virtualoctopus for giving me the screenshots to make it :)
There's a screenshot of the new building in-game. Check it out on the screenshots page.

Got another screenshot, this time of the Damaged frame of the Spaceport.
The only thing left to do is the the build-up animation now. When that's done I'll put the new version online :)

2003-06-22 posted by Nyerguds
I re-made the index page completely. You won't notice much on the way it looks, but it'll load about twice as fast now. One of these changes was to replace the GIF image by a (much smaller) JPEG. The green text is a bit blurry though :(

As you can see I also changed the layout of the news a bit, with the "posted by" in the corner. Not that it matters... it's all posted by me anyway :p
I also changed the filename of this page to "news.html"

2003-06-18 posted by Nyerguds
The forum seems to be down permanently :
Anyway... for the rest... I got exams now, so there won't be any opdates for a while. However. I did contact David Gali II, who will probably make more missions for C&C Meets Star Wars. I was planning to make them myself, but it's really been too long... and I'm not all that good at actually designing new maps.

2003-04-30 posted by Nyerguds
Agh... more forum troubles :
I hope this'll be fixed soon.

2003-04-13 posted by Nyerguds
Forum is back, but we seem to have lost everything in it :(

The mod project is currently going pretty slowly... I got a lot of work for the RA: Star Wars edition and the new Tiberium: Armageddon mods for Red Alert I'm making GFX for.
But don't worry... when Suricata renders some new units for the RA2SW mod I'll finally get my hands on the other speeder, to replace the humm-vee.

About the missions... well actually, my idea didn't work, and I'll have to completely re-make the mission I was working on. Then again it's been more than a year ago I made missions, so I'm probably just a bit rusty. I'll keep you informed :)

2003-04-08 posted by Nyerguds
The forum is down, because Genedit2k.com is changing servers... I hope it'll be online again soon.

2003-04-01 posted by Nyerguds
A new month!
The list at GameSites200 has reset - don't forget to vote ;)

2003-03-27 posted by Nyerguds
Just moved to PlanetCNC... tell me if there are any files that don't work or don't show up, so I can fix them.


Added a screenshot that shows the new R2-D2 replacing the steel crate. This will be used in the mission of A New Hope I'm going to make, where Luke has to find R2-D2 in the desert.

2003-03-23 posted by Nyerguds
Added a new C&C gold screenshot.

Any real C&C fan should immediately see which mission that is :D

2003-03-06 posted by Nyerguds
I got a forum! Check it out :)
(link in the sidebar)

2003-02-27 posted by Nyerguds
Geekshelf is down permanently :(
I created a new account for the screenshots - they're back online now.

I replaced the Dune 2000 Frigate that replaced the Nod transport plane by the real Rebel Transport, rendered by Suricata.
I also changed the Imperial shuttle to its real name - Lambda Class Shuttle

I'll upload the new version once I have changed the icon of the Starport.

2003-02-22 posted by Nyerguds
I finished the X-34 Landspeeder. The Speeder's information is on the Rebel Units page.

I uploaded the new version on the mod, with the updated Lambda Class Shuttle and Spaceport icons and the new Rebel Transport and X-34 Landspeeder.

2003-02-17 posted by Nyerguds
Woah... Geekshelf.com, the place where I host all of the site's images, seems to be down.
I had to make a second Freewebs account for the site's images to make everything look OK again.
The only problem I still have now is that I still host the screenshots in Geekshelf,
because it automatically generates thumbnails.

Oh well... I suppose it'll be OK again in a few days or so.

2003-01-30 posted by Nyerguds
The new Red Alert - Star Wars Edition mod project has a web site!
The idea of this project grew from the fact that I wanted to convert C&C Meets Star Wars to Red Alert once it was fully finished.
However, with to Suricata's renders we (PuMa, Suricata and me) agreed it would be better to completely re-make the mod with only rendered units. So that's what we're doing :)

I think we'll be using quite a lot of icons and sounds from C&C Meets Star Wars though.

2003-01-26 posted by Nyerguds
Well, it took me a lot of time to adjust all the info in the readme file and the install program (especially since my exams just started), but now it's finally there: the updated version of C&C Meets Star Wars; with the new AT-AT.

So all people that have been looking forward to this, go get it from the Download page :)

2003-01-22 posted by Nyerguds
I just made a load of screenshots of the new AT-AT (with shadows!) in action... you can check them out on the screenshots page.

2003-01-21 posted by Nyerguds
I joined the C&C Top 200. As you see there's a vote button on the main page and in the menu sidebar.

So click that button to support C&C Meets Star Wars ;)

2003-01-19 posted by Nyerguds
The AT-AT is finished...
I will update the mod as soon as possible, but I got exams coming up :(

2003-01-16 posted by Nyerguds
I made redirection pages for the download mirror sites. The download will begin immediately after the page is loaded.
No update for the mod yet though...

2003-01-14 posted by Nyerguds
Suricata will render some more units for the mod - we're gonna have Speeders to replace the Nod buggy and the Humm-vee :)
He's also making a better rotation for the AT-ST's legs.

2003-01-13 posted by Nyerguds
I finally got an AT-AT! Check it out in the screenshots section!
It's not finished yet; it doesn't have shadows, but I love it :)
Many thanks to Suricata, who made the 3D-model for the AT-AT's body.

I also made a picture for the AT-AT on the info page.

The mod itself is not updated yet; I'll do that when the AT-AT's shadows are finished.