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The Rebel Alliance: Units

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Name: Trooper
Replaces: Minigunner
Info: These are the standard soldiers of the Empire and the Rebellion.
Name: Laser Trooper
Replaces: Bazooka Soldier
Info: These heavy anti-tank blasters are carried by soldiers for rapid deployment against tanks and armored structures.
Name: Mercenary
Replaces: Commando
Info: These are the best of the best of the lowest scum of the universe. Mercenaries are employed by both the Empire and the Rebels, as long as they get paid.
Name: Princess Leia Organa
Replaces: Dr. Moebius
Icon: None; unit is not buildable
Info: Princess Leia is one of the main leaders of the Rebel Alliance. However, this doesn't stop her from leading many missions personally.
Name: Jawa Sandcrawler
Replaces: Harvester
Info: These Jawa families are employed to collect scrap material from the battlefield and melt it down to usable resources.
Name: T-47 Airspeeder
Replaces: Light Tank
Info: These low-altitude speeders are used as basic attack units by the Rebel Alliance.
Name: 74-Z Speeder Bike
Replaces: Recon Bike
Info: Speeder Bikes are fast attack units. Their high speed and maneuverability make up for their light armor.
Name: X-34 Landspeeder
Replaces: Nod Buggy
Info: These low-cost units are just standard civilian landspeeders with a light lasercannon slapped on them. Most of the time the Rebels make this modification themself after buying the vehicle.
Name: Lambda Class Shuttle
Replaces: Chinook Helicopter
Info: The general transport shuttle employed by the Empire. However, the Rebels are known to steal them to disguise their troop transports.
Name: A-Wing
Replaces: Apache Helicopter
Info: While the A-Wings aren't as good against armored vehicles at the Empire's TIE Fighters, they are incredibly good for picking off enemy personnel and lightly shielded structures. Given enough time, these small fighters can take down pretty much anything.
Name: Transport Vessel
Replaces: C17 Cargo Plane
Icon: None; unit is not buildable
Info: Since the Rebel Alliance cannot risk to trust all merchands they buy material from, they transport the purchased vehicles to their own depots, and use their own ships to transport them from these depots to their main bases.