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Archived News: August 2008

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2008-08-01 posted by Nyerguds
Looks like it's time for my, um, yearly news post. I don't really know why I bother, lol.

Anyway... as some people may know, I've been very active on the official EA First Decade boards, where I help around and, well, mostly just point stupid people to the sticky Common Problems thread.

As a part of my activities there, I have made a fixes page with pretty much everything ever made to improve the C&C games, and not even limited to TFD.

The place where that page is hosted, nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com is actually one big open directory; a kind of publicly viewable personal file dump. The latest addition to that is a folder with the mods and mod-campaigns I had already hosted here (well, on FilePlanet), all updated to work with my C&C95 Hi-res patch.
You can check them out on my downloads page, or the open directory on the arsaneus-design site.

I also uploaded some smaller mods there. Well, basically they're just a bunch of addon units I either made or converted from RA mods ages ago. Just check out the small/ folder.

Oh, and I want to thank my good friend Arsaneus for giving me that site... maybe I'll actually build a real website on it some day :)