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Archived News: March 2007

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2007-03-16 posted by Nyerguds
I'm finally working on something C&C2SW-related again :)

On the C&C Techcenter board, Ultraq has released a first public beta of his Dune II SHP-convertor.

No, I'm not working on a Dune II to Star Wars conversion now. Seriously, that would just be silly. See, I actually need this for C&C1. The C&C1 mouse cursor file is in Dune II SHP format, and will crash the game if it gets converted to C&C1 format.
So, thanks to Ultraq, I can finally mod it :)

Here's my first C&C2SW mouse cursor test, namely a Thermal Detonator replacing the commando's C4.

More will come soon :)