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Archived News: January 2007

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2007-01-11 posted by Nyerguds
Hehe. I drew a little something today, for Mice16's comic "Command & Comic"

So check out my crappy fan comic :)
(I can actually draw quite a bit better than that, but not with a mouse on a PC)

For those who don't get it, check out the C&C Meets Akira page I made ages ago.

2007-01-05 posted by Nyerguds
A late happy new year to you all!

I'm very busy studying for my exams, but meanwhile I'm making some arrangements with my good friend Aaron, who's giving me a file mirror over at TiberiumWars.com.

That's not Aaron Kaufman btw, though Apoc's a great guy too. No, my friends at CandC3.com simply managed to register the domain TiberiumWars.com before EA did. This is quite a feat, considering the fact they were already the longest-running C&C3 fan site on the web.

Anyway... this will finally relieve you people from the tedious login/registration junk of using FilePlanet... although I know for a fact that the FP registration and login seriously isn't as hard as many people make it seem.