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Archived News: April 2006

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2006-04-20 posted by Nyerguds
As you see, I'm currently transferring the site to full PHP format. This might result in some errors, but for now the only one seems to be that the 'clicked' image on the sidebar doesn't change. I'm still working on it though :)

In other news, I've been working on loads of fixes for The First Decade pack, and it seems EA is actually following my advise, since the new patch 1.02 does pretty much the same thing to C&C1 as my own patch :)

My patches can be found here:
- C&C World (with MANY thanks to Chickendippers :)
- Geocities mirror
- Freewebs mirror

Even though EA implemented my music fix, you can still use the patch to clean up 400 mb in your C&C1 directory.