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2006-12-21 posted by Nyerguds
The new version of the mod (v1.2) is now online!

The only really new thing is the TIE Crawler, replacing the Hum-vee. However, this includes the accompanying weapon sound and animation, which are also used for the X-34 Landspeeder. I hope this will inprove the Star Wars feel of both units.

For the rest, a load of small things have been fixed internally, and some sounds and icons have been improved / replaced.

Well, that's all, folks! Get downloading :)

2006-12-19 posted by Nyerguds
Well, seems like my birthday update has got me brainstorming again... not a good thing with my exams coming up, but bleh.

Anyway. I've decided that I'll replace the Humm-vee by the TIE Crawler.
I've seen a couple of sites describe it as low-armored anti-infantry and reconnaissance vehicle, so that seems to fit the Hummer quite well :)

The graphics are already done (Suricata made them for RA2SW ages ago), so all I need to do now is make a build icon, whip up an info entry for it on the site, and update the mod.

Gah. I really need to convert the info pages to PHP too. It's such a hassle to update HTML.

2006-12-14 posted by Nyerguds
Today's my 23rd birthday!

Even though the update was announced yesterday, and it wasn't C&C2SW, I guess these three mods I uploaded kinda make me go back to the original tradition of a birthday-mod-update; a tradition which I've kept to for the first three years of C&C2SW.

I really don't know when I'll be able to continue working on C&C2SW itself though. I recently got to know some people who might do some 3D rendering work if I ask them nicely, but I haven't bothered anyone so far since I barely got any time myself. The three mods just required a lot of tinkering... for C&C2SW I'll need to do some serious brainstorming first.

Anyway... anyone who hasn't played the Flame Dancers campaign yet, go get it, it totally owns :)

And for anyone who vaguely remembers it from their DOS C&C days... this new updated version adds the little feature that the Flame Pod has an actual build-up animation (instead of just popping up instantly when the enemy builds them), AND I changed the coding so you can actually build it yourself after capturing a Flame Dancers construction yard.

The flame pod buildup animation is kinda special to me, since it was the first SHP file I ever made, and with that, my very first bit of C&C modding. Sure, it's based on the GDI Guard tower and the final flame pod image, but it's still nice ^_^

As a side note, all three mods are also DOS C&C compatible. Check the DOS C&C on XP page for instructions on how to set em up with VDMS.

2006-12-12 posted by Nyerguds
News, finally!

Well, nothing new on the mod... I've been out of inspiration for months. But that didn't stop me from tinkering with some other old mod campaigns I've had lying around here for ages.
All of them are now not only addon-executables which don't modify your original game, but they're also made 100% TFD compatible :)

I've uploaded three mod-campaigns so far:
-Andrew Griffin's Flame Dancers, a real classic from back in the old days
-The Ant Mod, an awesome remake of the RA1 ant missions by my good friend Jk
-The Bio War, a small mod campaign of which I unfortunately don't know who made it. If anyone knows, be sure to let me know.

So, check em out on the download page.

2006-09-14 posted by Nyerguds
The updated version is now online! Have fun!
It'll probably take a while for FilePlanet to distribute the new version to its servers though...

Note: ALWAYS uninstall older versions of the mod before copying the files of a
new version in your C&C directory. I drastically changed the structure of the mod's installation and uninstallation process, and the new installer can't correctly uninstall older versions.

2006-09-13 posted by Nyerguds
GREAT news!

I FINALLY fixed the multiplayer out-of-sync bug completely.

It turned out it was caused by a difference in the number of frames used in the build-up animations.

So, the Multiplayer Patch option now replaces the original buidup anims by slightly changed versions with the correct amount of frames :)

I've played a great (although someewhat laggy) C&C2SW game with Tores on C&C Global LAN edition. I've been helping Myg on this project for a while now, and it's becoming a great success :)

2006-07-23 posted by Nyerguds
Today I played a couple of magnificent C&C games with Occult, one of the nice C&C1 players of the C&C95 Revival which Myg started. (if you're interested, PLEASE join ;)

The bad news is that my new Refinery seems to cause the same problem as the Radar buildings, namely Out of Sync errors. I will look int the cause of this problem, because simply deleting buildings becomes very annoying if all my new buildings start having it.

The good news is that games without bases, and more specifically Capture The Flag without bases (the so-called MHQ games) are still a blast :)

So, check it out!

2006-05-16 posted by Nyerguds
Well, the newest version of the mod is uploaded!

For simplicity, I've decided that it'll be better to start using version numbers.
Since this is a major update, adding the Scrap Refinery and the new TIE fighter, I'm calling this one "C&C Meets Star Wars version 1.0" :)

2006-04-20 posted by Nyerguds
As you see, I'm currently transferring the site to full PHP format. This might result in some errors, but for now the only one seems to be that the 'clicked' image on the sidebar doesn't change. I'm still working on it though :)

In other news, I've been working on loads of fixes for The First Decade pack, and it seems EA is actually following my advise, since the new patch 1.02 does pretty much the same thing to C&C1 as my own patch :)

My patches can be found here:
- C&C World (with MANY thanks to Chickendippers :)
- Geocities mirror
- Freewebs mirror

Even though EA implemented my music fix, you can still use the patch to clean up 400 mb in your C&C1 directory.

2006-03-01 posted by Nyerguds
The Scrap Refinery is 100% finished!

Here's the complete building animation:

Any small errors you may see are purely because of Animation Shop Pro's GIF conversion -_-;

2006-02-28 posted by Nyerguds
I'm working on completely remaking this page in PHP. This will make it MUCH easier for me to update the site.

So far the basic layout has been implemented, as is the script to display the last 2 months in which there was news.

In other news, check out this screenshot of the now more functional Scrap Refinery in the screenshots section:

2006-02-12 posted by Nyerguds
After a long silence, I'm finally working on C&C2SW again! The movies project is kinda set on hold for the moment, together with the campaign, as the VQA encoder mysteriously stopped working on my PC. I am however continuing the thing I started the mod with... graphics.

I present to you.. the REAL Scrap Refinery.
Note that this is a WIP. Not much besides these 2 frames is done.