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Archived News: August 2005

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2005-08-31 posted by Nyerguds
I updated all info pages, giving detailed information on all Star Wars units, structures and superweapons, and adding the Mercenary and Princess Leia to the lists.

2005-08-29 posted by Nyerguds
The Mod Info page now contains the entire story of the Rebel campaign. It covers all three classic movies.
The only mission that's actually finished so far is mission #4 though. But for now I'm concentrating on getting the graphics for Leia and the Mercenary finished.

2005-08-28 posted by Nyerguds
This mod is now officially BACK IN ACTION!
Yes, you read that correctly :)

The past week I've gone away on a 5-day trip. Being without a computer for a while got my imagination flowing, and I came back home with the entire C&C2SW campaign (for the Rebel side) plotted out.

There will be some drastic changes in C&C2SW, like new terrain tiles, and finally... characters from the movies. In fact I already finished the voice sets for Leia and Han.
For those who are wondering... Han's voice is used for the new "Mercenary" unit, replacing the Commando. Sure, you'll have a unit with Han's voices on the Imperial side too, but at least I called him Mercenary to avoid the Tanya syndrome of RA1.
For the same reason, the in-game icon does NOT show Han, but one of his old colleagues, Dash Rendar.

I posted a screenshot of the end of the 4th mission (Rescue Leia from her cell in the Death Star) on the site, so head to the Screenshots page to check it out.