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Archived News: 2005

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2005-09-25 posted by Nyerguds
Big news folks... it's finally confirmed: the C&C Meets Star Wars campaign WILL have movies! I managed to get the video fragments I needed from the first movie (Episode 4), and I'm very busy converting them to VQA format.

I've also been working on special buildings like Luke's home - you can check out the graphics in the Screenshots section :)

And for the rest... the Scrap Vat (final name) and Laser Post have been added to the Info pages.

2005-09-23 posted by Nyerguds
Working on yet another new building - the new Scrap Silo :)
The building itself is pretty much finished. I still have to make the buildup animation though.

2005-09-04 posted by Nyerguds
The Plasma Battery has been added to the Empire's Structures Info page.

Enjoy! :)

2005-09-03 posted by Nyerguds
Here's a preview of two new buildings I've been working on: the Plasma Battery (Avanced Guard Tower) and Laser Post (Guard Tower). All I still need to do now is make some icons and a build-up animation for the Laser Post.
Enjoy the preview ;)

(And yes, it took me bloody ages to get the third frame in the game. Thank goodness for technicians and their guns that take off a single hitpoint)

2005-08-31 posted by Nyerguds
I updated all info pages, giving detailed information on all Star Wars units, structures and superweapons, and adding the Mercenary and Princess Leia to the lists.

2005-08-29 posted by Nyerguds
The Mod Info page now contains the entire story of the Rebel campaign. It covers all three classic movies.
The only mission that's actually finished so far is mission #4 though. But for now I'm concentrating on getting the graphics for Leia and the Mercenary finished.

2005-08-28 posted by Nyerguds
This mod is now officially BACK IN ACTION!
Yes, you read that correctly :)

The past week I've gone away on a 5-day trip. Being without a computer for a while got my imagination flowing, and I came back home with the entire C&C2SW campaign (for the Rebel side) plotted out.

There will be some drastic changes in C&C2SW, like new terrain tiles, and finally... characters from the movies. In fact I already finished the voice sets for Leia and Han.
For those who are wondering... Han's voice is used for the new "Mercenary" unit, replacing the Commando. Sure, you'll have a unit with Han's voices on the Imperial side too, but at least I called him Mercenary to avoid the Tanya syndrome of RA1.
For the same reason, the in-game icon does NOT show Han, but one of his old colleagues, Dash Rendar.

I posted a screenshot of the end of the 4th mission (Rescue Leia from her cell in the Death Star) on the site, so head to the Screenshots page to check it out.

2005-07-30 posted by Nyerguds
Wow. This is simply amazing. After all these years, some people finally managed to create a VQA encoder.
Quite simply, this means it's now possible to create completely new video fragments for C&C and Red Alert 1.

Don't go expecting Star Wars fragments in my mod right away though. But you can be sure I'll follow this project closely.

You can find the project here.

2005-04-14 posted by Nyerguds
I know I haven't posted any updates in a looong time, but as you probably already know I'm a little short on ideas right now, and a little too busy in that strange world commonly referred to as 'Real Life' *shudder*

Anyway... I have been interviewed by the German C&C fansite C&C Inside. You can read the German version of the interview on their site, or you can read the English version here.

2005-01-04 posted by Nyerguds
First of all, a happy belated new year to whoever happens to read this.

Secondly.. I have an update. No, sorry... nothing new has been added... but this update will allow you to use the Star Wars mod to play online. Apparently, C&C has problems with the replaced building graphics of the radar buildings (all 2 of them) in multiplayer. It has nothing to do with the actual graphics though... just the fact they're replaced.
To fix this, I added a Patch option in STARWARS.BAT that removes them from the installed mod. To get them back, simply reinstall the mod with STARWARS.BAT.