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Archived News: March 2004

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2004-03-28 posted by Nyerguds
I'm working on a new building! I only got the basic frame ready, and the build-up animation and damaged frames wil probably take a while to make, but anyway, here it is:

The new radar :)

In other news, I'm going to reconvert all sounds from the mod using the XCC mixer's WinAmp AUD writer plugin. I noticed it gives much better quality than my old ones, so right now I'm looking all over my old hard disks to find those old WAV files.
I also got some cool Star Wars laser sounds from PuMa², so I'll probably add those too.

2004-03-24 posted by Nyerguds
Wow. I finally found what caused the install program not to work on XP... Really stupid. Apparently, WinXP uses the & character as a special function. This caused the program to stop running when the filename C&C95.EXE was mentioned in it :(
Luckily, that was easy to fix. I just had to put quotes around the filename.

Since the normal installer works on XP now, I removed the XP pre-install pack from the download page. So just unzip and run 'starwars.bat' to install, and tell me if something still doesn't work. It worked flawlessly on my XP though, so I don't expect any problems.