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Archived News: December 2003

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2003-12-25 posted by Nyerguds
A late, but still merry christmas for all ye out there! :)

As they say in the Clan of the Cats webcomic...

Merry Christmas, Yuletide, Chanaka, Ramadan, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, and a Ho Ho Ho.
And for the atheists, have a nice day

2003-12-14 posted by Nyerguds
All right! As I said about a week ago... today is my 20th birthday. And a birthday deserves to be celebrated, so I bring you...

An update! (yes, a real one :p)

I added a new buiding to the mod.. the Launch platform, replacing the Helicopter pad. Check it out in the Screenshots section, and in the Mod Info section.
I also improved the quality of the EVA replacement sounds and re-arranged the internal structure of the mod a bit. I put the Star Wars Cantina theme (score screen theme) in the mod itself instead of the music addon. This means the mod is about 3 MB now, but that's still not really big IMO.

2003-12-07 posted by Nyerguds
Today, I proudly announce the first anniversary of this website. Exactly one year ago I started this website on Freewebs. :)

Yesterday, to my big surprise, I found Dune 2000 in the supermarket. I had seen some friends play the game, back when it was released in 1998, but it is one of the few Westwood games I didn't have. So naturally, I bought it immediately. I was actually looking for it in the store, but didn't have much hope in finding it.
I also found Red Alert 1 there. While I already have RA1, my Allies CD is scrached a bit, and it happens to be damaged exactly in the movie where they mention the creation of the GDI... so I just HAD to buy that again.

I had no idea EA was selling the Westwood classics again... and although it's kind of weird to have an EA logo on my RA1 CD's, I think it's great that they do sell them again. I hope I'll find the RA1 expansion packs and TS: Firestorm too.

2003-12-06 posted by Nyerguds
Finally... I'm working on C&C2SW again!
Well, not much but I'm busy reconverting most of the sounds, so they have better quality in the game :)

I'll keep you updated ;)

Oh, and something else... I just realized that tomorrow, this website will be exactly one year old :)
And a week after that, I'll be 20 years old 8)