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Archived News: September 2003

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2003-09-14 posted by Nyerguds
I updated the SW music addon. The music now includes the amazing Across The Stars from Episode 2.
I also fixed the name of the theme Duel of the Fates, which I had stupidly called Battle of the Fates :|

There's also a small update on the SS mod; I fixed the icons so there's no green stuff in them anymore. This problem was caused by the fact that the default team color in Sole Survivor is green instead of yellow. Since these team colors are used as normal yellow in the icons these yellow colors turned green in SS.
And while I was doing that anyway I immediately included fixed icons for the other SS units too.

2003-09-10 posted by Nyerguds
I made a news archive :)

You'll notice the [View Archived News] link just above the news. Well, in there, there's a list of months to view the old news.
The main reason I did this is to make the news page faster to load; I don't want to end up with a megabyte of text for the newspage.

2003-09-09 posted by Nyerguds
Believe it or not, I made a Sole Survivor version of C&C Meets Star Wars. I fully realize this HAS to be the weirdest, and perhaps most stupid thing I've ever done... but I love it :)

Furthermore, I don't think anyone ever modded SS, which makes this another nice addition to my "C&C CV" ;)

I also got a close encounter of the String Files kind, since for some reason my good old CCNAMES.EXE couldn't read the SS conquer.eng. So in order to change the in-game names of the replaced units I had to find a way to generate a new table with nothing but a few DOS tools.
Took me all day, but at least I know how to do it now.

Anyway... if you still got SS lying around somewhere, you might want to try it out. It's on the Download page.

In other news, there's a small update of the normal SW mod too. The new version only modifies the green laser replacing the missile, so I don't know if it's really worth downloading, but I don't think there will be much updates coming in the near future. And the laser really does look better now.