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Archived News: July 2003

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2003-07-27 posted by Nyerguds
All right. The music addon is finished, and I even added a modified CCLOCAL.MIX to the downloads, for those brave people that run C&C95 on Windows XP.
If there are any problems, please post them on the forum.

2003-07-25 posted by Nyerguds
I started working on a music addon pack for the mod. This pack is currently 33 MB, and contains a variety of Star wars music from all movies (Including Episodes 1 & 2... I just couldn't drop the magnificent Duel of the Fates)
I also added the Mos eisly Cantina band music to replace Great Shot!, the score screen music. I might add that to the mod itself instead of the music addon.
Right now I'm still sorting them out and finding some more music so I can replace all themes (I'll leave out the Covert Ops' themes though). I'm also working on a program to change the names of all themes in the game.

I'll keep you updated ;)

2003-07-22 posted by Nyerguds
I finally created a new mod pack that will allow WinXP users to play the mod.
Apparently, Windows XP can't handle DOS batch script, and since the install program is a batch file, you simply can't install the mod in Windows XP. This new mod pack has all the files that are normally unpacked with the installation, and it includes an adapted CCLOCAL.MIX to replace the names of the units, structures and superweapons in the game.
So to install it, all you have to do is rename your CCLOCAL.MIX to a different name, and unzip STARW_XP.ZIP in your C&C95 directory.

Note: if you have C&C Gold, but don't have XP, it is not advised to use the pre-install pack; the normal pack comes with a number of extra's, like a tool to put the Imperial March music in the game. But all of these extra's are batch scripts so they won't work in WinXP anyway.

2003-07-02 posted by Nyerguds
I made some minor fixes to the sidebar... it shoud've looked like the main page, but on some browsers there was way too much space between the buttons :(
That's fixed now.

In other news... I finally got a forum again! Thanks to PuMa² for making it.

2003-07-01 posted by Nyerguds
Wow... now that the summer holidays started the mod is growing with the day :)
I just added the Snowspeeder to the mod. This one is a endered unit made by Suricata. I was planning to add this sooner, but I had to resize it to replace the Light Tank with it (it was originally meant for the Medium Tank in RA:SW Edition). But the first time I tried to resize it it was too small to recognise the Snowspeeder.
Anyway.. I resized it again from the original, and it looks a lot better now.

The new version is uploaded ;)


I just made an archive page for the screenshots. The normal screenshots page will only show the four latest screenshots.
I also added a short description for each screenshot - hold your mouse cursor over the thumbnail to read it.