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Archived News: June 2003

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2003-06-30 posted by Nyerguds
It's done! I added the Spaceport to the Rebel Structures info page, and uploaded the updated version of the mod.

Note: Always uninstall the old version of the mod before installing a new one. I completely changed the way the install program works, so there could be problems if you don't uninstall the old version first.

2003-06-29 posted by Nyerguds
All right! we're back in action! 8)
I just started working on the Spaceport, to replace the Nod Airfield. The structure is based on the Dune 2000 Starport. Many thanks to virtualoctopus for giving me the screenshots to make it :)
There's a screenshot of the new building in-game. Check it out on the screenshots page.

Got another screenshot, this time of the Damaged frame of the Spaceport.
The only thing left to do is the the build-up animation now. When that's done I'll put the new version online :)

2003-06-22 posted by Nyerguds
I re-made the index page completely. You won't notice much on the way it looks, but it'll load about twice as fast now. One of these changes was to replace the GIF image by a (much smaller) JPEG. The green text is a bit blurry though :(

As you can see I also changed the layout of the news a bit, with the "posted by" in the corner. Not that it matters... it's all posted by me anyway :p
I also changed the filename of this page to "news.html"

2003-06-18 posted by Nyerguds
The forum seems to be down permanently :
Anyway... for the rest... I got exams now, so there won't be any opdates for a while. However. I did contact David Gali II, who will probably make more missions for C&C Meets Star Wars. I was planning to make them myself, but it's really been too long... and I'm not all that good at actually designing new maps.