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Archived News: 2002

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2002-12-14 posted by Nyerguds
I just finished the graphics of the Death Star Power Uplink!
I put up some DOS screenshots of it, and I also made the image for the info screen.

So... this is it, I guess. I didn't find any sounds to replace the EVA Nuke messages, but since I just finished a lot more GFX I decided to put the mod up for download anyway.I still don't have an AT-AT, but I will make it... some day.

Time to celebrate! The mod is up, and it's my birthday :)
(in case you wonder, I'm 19)

2002-12-12 posted by Nyerguds
I finished the screenshots page. Now all that's missing on this site is the actual download of the mod...
But don't worry, it'll come soon.

2002-12-11 posted by Nyerguds
Eye candy time!
This is a preview of the Death Star Power Uplink, the building that will replace the Advanced Communications Center. It will be finished soon.

I already added the icon to the info page.

2002-12-09 posted by Nyerguds
Changed the internal structure of the site. The units and buildings info will come in the "Modifications" section.

2002-12-08 posted by Nyerguds
I just finished the graphics of the Ion Cannon (the Rebel superweapon; replacing the Nuke)
You can expect the download to be up in a few days, if I find replacements for the "Nuclear weapon launched/approaching" EVA sounds.

2002-12-07 posted by Nyerguds
Well... I finally got a website! :)