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The Rebel Alliance: Structures

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Name: Shield Generator
Replaces: Power Plant
Info: These generators are used throughout the galaxy to shield structures. If you don't have enough generators, the buildings will have to compensate this by using their own energy for shielding, which often leads to a decrease in productivity.
Name: Advanced Shield Generator
Replaces: Advanced Power Plant
Info: The advanced version of the Shield Generator barely takes up more space than the nomal one, but has twice the shielding power.
Name: Jawa Scrap Refinery
Replaces: Tiberium Refinery
Info: Both the Empire and the Rebellion employ Jawa families to collect scrap material from the battlefield and melt it down to usable resources in their Refinery.
Name: Scrap Vat
Replaces: Tiberium Silo
Info: These vats store the collected scrap metal after it is molten down in the Scrap Refinery.
Name: Command Center
Replaces: Communications Center
Info: The Command Center hosts the most vital equipment on the battlefield. One of its primary functions is to map and monitor all known areas of the battlefield.
Name: Turbolaser
Replaces: Gun Turret
Info: Turbolaser turrets are by far the best defense against armored vehicles.
Name: Millennium Falcon
Replaces: Hand of Nod
Info: The Rebel Alliance relies on smugglers like Han Solo for providing them with light weapons to arm their troops.
Name: Spaceport
Replaces: Airstrip
Info: The Rebel Alliance buys its heavy weaponry from arms dealers throughout the galaxy.
Name: Launch Platform
Replaces: Helicopter Pad
Info: These platforms host ammunition and fuel for recharging small starfighters.
Name: Heavy Ion Cannon
Replaces: Temple of Nod
Info: One shot of this building is capable of doing immense damage to big star cruisers. When shot in a ballistic trajectory, it can be used to level an entire Imperial base.