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Campaign: The Rebel Alliance

Sadly, the cnc2sw campaign never really went anwyhere. Below, you'll find the plans I had for each mission.

Episode IV: A New Hope

Mission 1: Runaway R2D2
One of the new droids Luke's uncle bought ran away into the desert, apparently babbling on about a mission, and some guy called "Obi-Wan Kenobi". Puzzled by this mystery, and fearing his uncle's wrath for losing the new R2 unit, Luke takes his Speeder and goes into the desert to retrieve the little droid.

Mission 2: Deadly Information
Ben Kenobi manages to unlock the message stored in R2-D2. The message shows Priness Leia, one of the leaders of the Rebellion against the Empire, who reveals that the droid contains vital information for the Rebellion. However, Luke is more worried about the Empire tracing the droids to his home, and sets off to check on his aunt and uncle.

Mission 3: Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy
Luke finds his home in ruins, and his last living relatived killed by Imperial troops. He decides to follow Ben Kenobi to Alderaan to deliver the plans to the Rebels. Go to Mos Eisley Spaceport and find a ship that can get them there. Avoid Imperial contact as much as possible.

Mission 4: Royal Rescue
Han Solo is willing to take Luke and Ben to Alderaan. However, when they arrive there, they see the planet is gone. Moments later, they are pulled into the giant battlestation that apparently destroyed the planet. After escaping the Imperial troops, they learn that Princess Leia is imprisoned here, and scheduled to be executed. Rescue Leia and bring her to the Millennium Falcon.

Mission 5: Looks Like I'm Stuck Here
Leia's shuttle flew right into an Imperial outpost, and was shot down. It crash-landed just outside the Imperial base. Han landed in a nearby rebel outpost to organise a search party. Find Leia, and steal a new shuttle from the Imperial base to evacuate her.

Mission 6: The Final Battle
Arriving safely in the rebel base on Yavin, the Rebels find themselves being targetted by the Death Star. However, the plans stored in R2-D2 reveal that one exhaust port on the surface of the Death Star leads right into the battlestation's core. But time is not on their side... it won't be long before the Death Star destroys the planet. Use the speeders to clear the way for the A-wings, then use the A-wings to attack the exhaust port.

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Mission 7: The Battle of Hoth
After the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire has been hunting the Rebels more mercilessly than ever, and even managed to find the hidden rebel headquarters on the icy planet Hoth. Defend the Super Shield Generator for 30 minutes to allow the Rebels to evacuate.

Mission 8: Cloud City
After escaping from Hoth, the Millennium Falcon fins itself without a working hyperdrive. Han decides to go to a nearby gas mine owned by his old friend Lando Calrissian to get his ship fixed. Unfortunately, they walk right into an imperial trap. With the help of Lando, Princess Leia manages to escape from the Imperial troops. Use Lando's guards to protect the Princess on her way back to the Millennium Falcon.

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Mission 9: Infiltration Preparation
The Rebels have learned that the Empire is constructing a second Death Star. The construction site is protected by an energy shield projected from the nearby moon of Endor. To get inside the shielded area on Endor, the Rebels need an Imperial Shuttle. They found a small Imperial base on the planet Malancha which has a shuttle for troop transport. Infiltrate the base with a small strike team, capture the shuttle, and get the pilot inside to get it off the planet safely.

Mission 10: Landing on Endor
The Rebel strike team managed to land on Endor. However, there are lots of Imperial troops around. Secure the landing site and make sure none of the Imperial troops alert their base to your presence.

Mission 11: Speeder Bike Race
Two speeder bikes escaped the area, and are rushing to alert their base. Destroy them before they get there.

Mission 12: Death Star Shield Projector
Thanks to the local population of Ewoks you find the building that projects the shield around the Death Star construction site. Build up your base and infiltrate the building with an Engineer.

Mission 13: Trapped
The entire operation has been manipulated by the Emperor from the beginning. The Death Star's weapon is operational and firing at our ships, while it's still protected by its shield, and our troops on the surface have been imprisoned. Find the remains of the base, and destroy the Shield Projector so the Rebel ships can finish their attack on the Death Star. Eliminate all Imperial forces.